Parallel computing with MPI

Currently, parallel computing is a standard to build supercomputers and analyze big data, to do research and support large web applications like Facebook, Gmail, etc. Because it is

  • cheaper and more reliable than other alternatives
  • scalable – if you need a more powerful computer, add more computers to your system.

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Hi there!

In past, I wrote some blog posts in medium, but there were in my native Uzbek language. For more than six months, I planned to move into English style but wasn’t brave enough. Now I have two assignments, one research project, one side project. Damn! That’s the perfect time to accept more challenge and start screaming to the world! Hello, world!

So what is all about? First of all, I would like to write everything. Hold on. I am a programmer and this everything almost always related to IT and software engineering and so on. So if you are also the programmer or want to be one, welcome to the club!